SLD and Networld Media Group Partner for E-Learning Series

Networld Media Group, a B2B publishing enterprise, has announced a partnership with Shikatani Lacroix Design (SLD), a brand design firm that delivers transformational change for their clients, to offer an exclusive master series on how to transform the bank customer experience. Titled Customer Experience 4.0 Master Series, the e-learning program will feature nine video courses along with workbooks and practical exercises for each lesson.

“Our mission at Networld Media Group is to educate buyers and sellers in specific markets with information vehicles that help these professionals do their jobs better, and enhance their career journey,” said Kathy Doyle, President and Publisher.

“Our business sites share vertical cross-over with SLD in many markets including financial, food and beverage, food services, retail and the public sector. We’ve been covering these markets for more than 20 years,” she added.

Hosted by Jean-Pierre Lacroix, President and Founder of SLD, the Master Series leverages more than three decades of experience in retail bank transformations and is meant to help banks deliver an exceptional customer experience while also avoiding the risks inherent in change management. Topics covered include:

  • How to bring the ideal customer experience to life
  • How to respond to future trends
  • How to create a differentiated brand position

“This Master Series covers the entire transformation process and provides banks the tools they need to emotionally and powerfully connect with customers,” explained Jean-Pierre.

“With so much disruption occurring in the marketplace, this Master Series is really about ensuring that traditional banks remain relevant now and well into the future. Unfortunately, incremental change is no longer enough,” he added.

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