Congratulations to the 2015 RGD Student Award winners

Shikatani Lacroix is proud to announce that Joyce Dang of York/Sheridan Design is the winner of Shikatani Lacroix’s sponsored award for Packaging Design; within RGD Ontario’s student awards category. SLD President Jean-Pierre Lacroix was one of 50 award-winning creative professionals, stemming from an array of expertise, selected to judge the finalists and support RGD in encouraging the next generation of design professionals to reach high levels of creativity, innovation and conceptualization. RGD had received over 250 exceptional graphic design submissions from students across Canada.

Joyce Dang won the Packaging Design student award for her playful and functional design for Aqua Skins; a waterproof, child-friendly bandage inspired by fish. The motivation behind the design work was to create an easy-to-use bandage that makes the process of protecting children from bacteria due to cuts and scrapes, a little bit more bearable.

The package can be hung with ease on the wall of a kitchen, bathroom or swimming pool area, as there is a built-in hook intended for easy access when injured. The bandages appear as a tab on a fish-scale design and when they are removed, the bones of the fish become visible, which acts as a marker that the bandages need to be replaced.

Joyce did a fantastic job of designing a practical and amusing package that takes the sting out of getting injured. Her work for Aqua Skins is one of the winning entries that will be featured in a print catalogue distributed with Applied Arts Magazine, as well as featured in the Student Awards Exhibit on display at DesignThinkers 2015, on November 12th to 13th at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto.