PAC to the Future II: Retail Reinvented

Between September 26-27, 2018, PAC Packaging Consortium will be hosting a two day event in Montreal, Quebec. Titled PAC to the Future II: Retail Reinvented, the event will feature international speakers, interactive workshops and business networking functions. One of the speakers will be Shikatani Lacroix’s president, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, who will be presenting on the subject of “Growth in a Frictionless World.”

Retail 2020: Growth in a Frictionless World

Most retailers are redefining their customer experiences to remain relevant with the onslaught of disruption by emerging challenger brands and new technologies. Driven by the growing power and influence of Millennials and Gen Z consumers, retailers are embarking on massive transformation programs that provide a competitive response to these new game-changing factors. Retailers that have successfully responded to change within the industry have used the tactic of finding unaddressed pain points in the customer journey and removing these friction points through innovation. Everything is being scrutinized, from wait times to payment processes to how digital plays a role in the purchase decision. Learn how a new frictionless retail world will impact the role of packaging.

In this session you will learn:

  • What are some of the big customer friction points that retailers have not addressed adequately 
  • Understand how start-up brands have learned to eliminate these friction points to disrupt market leaders
  • Gain insights on the evolving role packaging can play
  • Understanding how to effectively use private label programs to connect with customers

What: PAC to the Future II: Retail Reinvented
Where: Hotel Omni Mont Royal, 1050 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal
When: Wednesday, September 26 at 9:30 am
Who: Jean-Pierre Lacroix, President of Shikatani Lacroix