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Murtuza Kitabi



Murtuza Kitabi

Director, Creative Services, Studio & Production

There are several different ways to say “Great” in Hindi, which is perhaps why it’s Murtuza’s favourite word. Articulate in several languages and culturally fluent, Murtuza’s experience working with a number of advertising, design and printing firms internationally lends itself to his cohesive project approach and superior insights into production elements of the design world.

With a strong understanding of all aspects of design and print production, Murtuza oversees our team of highly skilled production artists. Besides a B.A. in Arts, his impressive international résumé includes a varied educational background, having studied Marketing and Advertising, Printing Technology and Graphic Design.

Prior to joining Shikatani Lacroix Design, Murtuza was the Marketing Communications manager for Sony in Dubai, U.A.E., where he managed the Sony brand experience covering the Middle East, Indian sub-continent and Africa. Now he applies his extensive knowledge to our global client base.