Kunal Chopra MBA, PMP

Financial Services Transformation Strategist

Kunal is a collaborative and results-oriented business transformation leader and management consultant. Over a 20 year career, his passion and expertise in end-to-end optimization and transformation has been demonstrated in the successful delivery of multiple high impact initiatives for financial services organizations throughout North America, and the Caribbean. With a focus on business effectiveness, Kunal has optimized complete service delivery models from the sales force and channels, through product and service fulfillment. He has created substantial sales, service and productivity enhancements for organizations across retail banking, wealth management, property and casualty insurance and capital markets.

Services Offered

Sales Effectiveness Optimization

This service involves evaluating client-facing roles to determine opportunities to improve sales effectiveness from a productivity, knowledge and incentives perspective. The review includes an evaluation of sales and service enablers and recommendations on how to enhance sales and service levels by role.

Productivity Review

A detailed review of branch productivity and service levels. This includes an analytics based review of productivity and time spent on key activities by role and processes. At a branch level, performance against key productivity and service targets will be evaluated. Recommendations will be provided to enhance overall productivity and service performance.

Complete Branch Enablement Strategy

This service involves a complete evaluation of branch services and enablers such as roles, processes and technology against future state objectives. In accordance with a branch redesign, this service will align branch operations to the target strategic objectives and desired target experience. Consideration will be given to journey enablement in the branch by key client personas.