The Integration of Neuroscience with Augmented and Virtual Reality

Shikatani Lacroix designs realistic retail environments using 3D technology that are visualized on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) devices to allow clients to experience the retail concepts before physical prototypes are built.

To validate the effectiveness of these concepts, Shikatani Lacroix partnered with True Impact to accurately measure a consumer’s emotional response to the AR and VR environments using neuroscience technology.

The result is a groundbreaking approach that marries Microsoft HoloLens and Samsung VR headgear with Electroencephalogram (EEG) neuroscience equipment to decipher consumer preference through emotion. The ability to measure the true emotional response to how a retail environment or package makes a consumer feel correlates to the effectiveness of the retail or package design ­– potentially saving companies millions of dollars on unproven prototypes.

After extensive testing, Shikatani Lacroix, in collaboration with industry leader True Impact, has successfully proved the feasibility of coupling these two sources of data (neuroscience and AR/VR) in order to derive clean and accurate data. This paper will discuss how we arrived at such an achievement and then explain how each concept will be used in real world marketing executions.

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