Most Effective Restaurant Design Elements Today

In the increasingly competitive world of foodservice, brands are looking for every possible advantage they might be able to leverage, including design. Numerous brands are undergoing make-overs: Taco Bell, KFC, Subway and Arby’s are only a handful of the big names that are currently rolling out more contemporary, less generic designs. The trend is quite literally sweeping through the industry as brands respond to an increased demand for an experience that goes beyond the menu. What’s fantastic about the trend is that good design can offer greater benefits than just beautification – design that supports a brand position and a well constructed customer journey can be a game-changer.

The downside is that brand transformation projects can be overwhelming in scope and come with a price tag that may be daunting. Owners and operators may see the value in the end product, but not feel confident in their ability to manage a complete transformation project, either financially, logistically, or both. Many brands decide instead to make specific, incremental changes to make the process most manageable – but how do you know which investments should come first?

In this white paper we will explore the top three areas brands should prioritize when considering incremental design transformation, which are:

  • Exterior Building Enhancements
  • Transition Points
  • The Dining Room

Focussing on where brands will see the biggest return on their investment, we break down the various elements within each of these three areas of opportunity in detail. Looking through the point of view of your customer will help you determine which of these changes might be top priority for your brand.

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