Organizational Brand Coherence

Six steps towards ensuring brand alignment

Shikatani Lacroix has conducted a study on brand coherence with more than 120 companies worldwide to determine how businesses create and refine their brand position, and integrate it within their organization. The report looks at the perceived impact of an organization’s branding initiative and the challenges to launching an effective brand coherence strategy. The study also identifies gaps within the brand positioning structure including employee engagement and on-boarding.

Based on this study and our own experience managing brand coherence, we identified the following steps to obtaining brand alignment:

Step #1: Establish consistent industry metrics to evaluate the contribution of your brand
Step #2: Ensure master brand linkage
Step #3: Fill the brand essence gap
Step #4: Align all activities around the brand coherence loop
Step #5: Brand from the inside out versus the outside in
Step #6: Clearly align your brand pillars to key strategic imperatives

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