Using Strategic Foresight to Understand the Future of Large Gatherings

Any business that relies on bringing people together has been forced to pivot quickly in 2020. In some cases, innovation and resilience has shone through. In other cases, a lack of preparedness had meant closures and bankruptcies. At SLD, we have decided to take a longer view of how current trends and events have altered what we once took for granted: the ability of people to gather together in one place to enjoy a shared interest or activity.

In this report on the Future of Large Gatherings, we use a Strategic Foresight process called Scenario Planning to explore what other factors might impact our ability to come together. The report is intended to provoke us to think beyond our assumptions, to challenge ourselves and to imagine how the future might unfold. By doing so, we can develop greater resilience in response to other disruptions that may occur.

We welcome you to explore the Future of Large Gatherings report below, and to download the full report – which also includes an in-depth trends section to help provide more context and inspiration.

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