Eight Foodservice Design Trends Influencing Your Customers Today

For almost 30 years, our firm has been involved in foodservice design and worked with clients ranging from small independent operators to the large multinational chains. Through these many years of experience, we have always strived to push the envelope of our designs to ensure our clients not only remained relevant, but more importantly that they became differentiated in the marketplace. The challenge is finding the right balance between innovative award-winning design, and ensuring our solutions are in step with the needs of consumers and the overall marketplace. With the growing power of Millennial consumers who have a strong appetite for new flavors and varieties delivered through fast casual chains, how we create the right patron experience is critical. When our firm is designing a new foodservice concept, we take into consideration a wide range of design elements, all of which represent opportunities to wow patrons and drive marketshare for our clients. These elements include exterior curb appeal, from the physical architectural personality, to signing, lighting and landscaping. Creating an immersive customer experience is critical, and includes the interior personality, overall layout, signing and graphics, packaging and lighting, in addition to the use of digital signing, fixtures such as seating, and service and bar counters. When combined, all these elements provide the ideal patron experience, ensuring they come back more frequently and share their experience with friends. So let’s take a look at eight key design trends in foodservice impacting both old and new generations of consumers.

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