Engaging the Mobile Zombie Generation

How retail banks can effectively engage with customers in a hyper “Mobile Zombie” world

This was the premise for a recent consumer study conducted by Shikatani Lacroix in February 2016. Our firm works closely with financial institutions globally, creating branded experiences to help drive share of banking and bring new purpose to their vast network of branches. We wanted to determine how banking customers use their smartphones in and around a physical branch and what kind of information they need. We also wanted to find out how we can engage with customers in a positive way, helping drive key marketing efforts within the branch, when most customers are preoccupied with their smartphones.

This research report clearly identifies the growing disruptive power of the smartphone in the banking industry and the emergence of what we have defined as the “Mobile Zombie” generation that crosses the majority of demographics. This generation is so intrinsically tied to their devices that they ignore their own security and social grace. The challenge for the banking industry is how to effectively disrupt or better leverage this relationship between devices and people in a way that will provide a positive experience for both customers and financial institutions.

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