Re:Store – Redefining Retail

Consumers’ emotional connection to shopping online and in retail

As consumers continue to seek more convenient methods of shopping, through mobile and online, the potential for further sales erosion continues to threaten retailers.

This behavior spells trouble for a number of traditional retailers who will experience significant sales leakage due to lost potential revenue to online retailers.

This white paper provides actionable insights on how retailers can redefine their bricks and mortar retail strategies in the age of online shopping. It also examines the emotional attributes consumers experience while shopping online versus shopping in store, and based on those emotions determines a relationship index of retailers most vulnerable to retail sales erosion.

In this white paper:

  • Find out how current trends are shaping consumer shopping behaviors
  • Discover the emotional attributes that consumers associate with online and retail shopping
  • See how major retailers stack up on the Re:Store Index, which measures the strength of relationship customers have with retail brands
  • Learn how to redefine your retail strategy to take advantage of new opportunities in the industry