The Two Customer Personas of COVID-19

COVID-19 has significantly impacted almost all major industries, including foodservice, banking, retail and CPG by slowing down some aspects of day to day operations while accelerating others; for example technology adoption. These disruptions have also affected consumer perceptions about the future and therefore are changing their shopping preferences. Our recent studies clearly identified that consumers are split into two groups: one with an optimistic outlook and the other with a pessimistic mindset who expect the pandemic and related restrictions to have a long-term impact. 

In this report, we explore these two customer personas through the lens of the banking, foodservice, CPG and retail industries. Readers will learn:

  • What is the overall confidence level of consumers?
  • Have shopping methods shifted in response to the pandemic?
  • How will these behaviors shift coming out of the pandemic?
  • How do demographics impact new behaviors?
  • What is most relevant for consumers right now?
  • What social distancing and other safety measures are most important for store experiences?

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