Blink Factor in the Digital Retail Sphere

The digital design strategy sphere represents the next frontier of competitive advantage. With product information at their fingertips, digital retail technologies connect and empower today’s customer like never before. Consumers expect to be engaged and communicated information relevant to their lifestyle and needs. Online and mobile, from show-rooming to price-checking, consumers are swiftly shifting the ways they shop, with 70 per cent of consumers browsing the store only to buy the product online. Yet, the majority of customers have not made their brand selection prior to a store visit, so retailers can effectively switch customers to their brands at the moment of purchase by better leveraging the customers’ digital path-to-purchase.

Every day, consumers share more and more information, and make it readily available for brands to study and deliver targeted relevant content through a comprehensive digital retail strategy. Digital retail design experiences offer the solution that can adapt to target both broader and specific demographics. This new retailing era provides superb opportunities in creating personalized customer experiences, rewarding customer loyalty and reaching the right customer segment.

To successfully connect with the customer, brands must reach the consumer at all points along the path-to-purchase, creating the connection between the brand and the consumer across multiple touch points and mediums. This can be achieved through the integration of mobile, touch and interactive experiences that all work together along the “digital path-to-purchase”.

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