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Packaging Design


Packaging Design

The current retail establishment contains more than 70,000 products, yet customers spend less time shopping in physical stores. This fact makes the importance of effective packaging paramount to a brand’s success.
Understanding how customers shop, and defining the key elements of a package design that assist the customer with the purchase decision, are becoming the most critical tools in driving the split second purchase decisions.
The cornerstone of our firm’s experience lies in the understanding all core elements of the package design; understanding what drives consumer preference and consideration set, and understanding how to create effective package design that generates strong shelf impact and product differentiation from competition.


To effectively execute package design, Shikatani Lacroix defines the ownable brand card and market position of the product. We draw on the inherent equities and strengths of the existing brand, working closely with our clients to evolve the brand in a manner that meets the client’s business goals. And, we define the points of difference, relevance and meaning to the target consumer group.


Then we convert the brand position into a range of potential brand expressions and mosaic boards, identify the unmet consumer needs, and how the brand will deliver its point of difference.


We then design a range of packaging options that best fit the potential brand expressions, using packaging tools such as color, shape, typography, contrast, imagery and hierarchy.

In the last stage, we extend the final design to secondary panels and a full range of offerings overseeing the process in order to ensure consistent implementation through pre- and post-production.

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