The Future of Digital Signage

No longer an afterthought, digital signage is fast becoming an integral element in successful branding programs and marketing campaigns. Deft marketers are realizing that in order to deliver a consistent brand experience, all media channels must be considered at the onset, including digital signage.

To connect and engage with consumers, brands must deliver an integrated experience at the moment of purchase — when consideration turns into a sale. Shikatani Lacroix shares highlights from Digital Signage Expo 2014 and speaks with signage expert Andy McRae and place-based signage guru Lyle Bunn, one of North America’s most highly regarded dynamic signage experts, on how brands can own the “at-purchase moment” in the digital sphere.

This webinar will discuss:

  • The role digital can play in owning the at-purchase moment
  • Where current gaps exist in the marketplace
  • Which brands are excelling in digital signage
  • Tips on how to improve your digital presence
  • What the future holds for this dynamic medium
  • Highlights from Digital Signage Expo 2014

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