Supermarket of the Future Webinar

Even in a world turned upside down by the accelerated growth in e-commerce, traditional aisle-based systems still dominate the grocery store experience. Yet, the physical store is still enormously relevant – 60% of consumers still prefer the store. How do grocery brands overhaul their customer experience and keep customers engaged in their stores? What will this look like 10 years down the road?

The Supermarket of the Future will look at how grocers have been disrupted by COVID-19, e-commerce, and subscription-based services. It will explore the opportunities for the future of grocery shopping in building loyalty, engagement and long-term growth. This exclusive webinar will highlight:

  • The current state of the supermarket and its pain points
  • Opportunities for grocery stores in a phygital world
  • Our concept of the Supermarket of the Future

Watch the recorded webinar below!