Navigate And Win The Branch Transformation Race

Many of the world’s largest banks are investing in redesigning their physical networks to better serve their customers. As financial institutions realize the impact that branches have on customer loyalty, it has become increasingly important to prioritize the physical experience. How can mid-size or regional banks keep up?
Our webinar, “Navigate And Win The Branch Transformation Race,” provides actionable insights for navigating the complex terrain of branch evolution. It will help you develop strategies that will enable your institution to strengthen its position amidst the industry giants by:

• Redefining customer loyalty through elevating the branch experience
• Embracing advice-centric approaches in branch design
• Identifying vulnerabilities
• Reviewing distribution strategies
• Accelerating the shift to seamless banking
Led by industry experts Marbue Brown, author of The Blueprint for Customer Obsession, and Jean-Pierre Lacroix, President of SLD, this interactive session will provide invaluable insights and practical guidance to help you make the most of branch redesign.