How to Increase Revenue and Loyalty Through Retail Brand Transformation

Its growth stymied by disparate sub-brands, fragmented messaging and an inconsistent customer experience, Cable & Wireless Communications set out to completely transform its Caribbean telecoms retail business.

Through the development of a robust digital strategy and effective rebranding process, CWC consolidated its brands, centralized its messaging, streamlined its customer service and modernized its retail environment to become a best-in-class model for telecoms in the Caribbean.

Will Gibson, Vice-President of Retail for CWC, shares the retail brand transformation strategy for CWC telecoms brand FLOW, which led to an increase in revenue, customer satisfaction and NPS.

The webinar will cover:

  • How to build a unified and coherent brand strategy
  • How to integrate digital technology to create an immersive retail experience
  • What to consider when contemplating a brand transformation
  • What pitfalls to avoid
  • Advice for working with your agencies

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