Discovering Retail Opportunities with Big Data

This webinar discusses how to correctly analyze big data and create additional support for your retail growth initiatives in the saturated market and slow growth economy.

With the increasing business complexity, proper data analysis can bring focus and confidence to the decision table, and a thorough big data analysis can help you better understand the customer, and provide insights that can be translated into actionable facts and can support boardroom decision making. Watch Shikatani Lacroix President, Jean-Pierre Lacroix and Randy Weyersberg, President, Catalyst Solutions Inc., as they discuss how to direct and use the big data analysis when attracting a new customer.

With a distinguished 25-year career, Randy Weyersberg, is former corporate Chief Marketing Officer with a Fortune 500 background — IBM, NIKE, and BCE’s retail enterprise The Source. His passion is for how the science, art and discipline of marketing combine to build brand distinction, drive revenue and ultimately raise corporate value.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Importance of data analysis toward attracting new customers
  • Importance of effective vendor / retailer relationships
  • Impact of changing demographics

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