SLD’s Beverley Wells named to Humber College Advisory Board

We’re proud to recognize Beverley Wells‘ commitment to design with her role as chair on the Program Advisory Committee of Humber College for Interior Design. As a board member, Beverley provides industry insight to help shape the curriculum for Canada’s next great designers. Being an industry professional of almost 30 years, Beverley provides her expertise on program and education recommendations, including current software, industry expectations, and learning experiences.

“We’re extremely pleased to have someone as knowledgeable and involved as Beverley,” says Zaiba Mian, Professor and Program Coordinator of Interior Design Degree at Humber College. “Her industry expertise and knowledge has proved extremely valuable in shaping Humber’s interior design program as one of the best in Canada for providing real-world experience in the design industry”.

As our Vice President of Branded Environments, Beverley leads the branded environments team, creating innovative experiences for the financial, hospitality, and retail sectors. Beverley has been an integral part of our team for decades and continues to exemplify the Think Blink ideology in all her work.

Check out the Humber College Virtual Thesis Showcase to see the work Beverley and other industry professionals are helping to shape for the future of interior design and branded environments.