SLD Presents on the Future of Banking

On July 8, with invitation from the School of Continued Studies at Zhejiang Financial College, SLD presented a learning and training session on future banking trends. In attendance were representatives from various banks, including Nanxun Bank, China Zheshang Bank, the Hangzhou branch of SPD Bank, ZJRC, Hangzhou United Bank, the Hangzhou branch of CEB, Zhejiang branch of China Construction Bank, Bank of China and Postal Savings Bank of China.

During the presentation, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, President of SLD, and Teddy Ma, Managing Director, shared insights on future banking trends such as the relationship between humans and technology, as well as the significance of future bank branches. Du Quan, Dean of the School of Continued Studies, delivered the opening statement, while Mr. Chen, Office Director at China Zheshang Bank, was invited to share thoughts and experiences from a banking perspective on the brand transformation that China Zheshang Bank recently underwent.

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