SLD Launches New Podcast: Think Retail

Shikatani Lacroix Design is happy to announce the launch of Think Retail, a new podcast that features top designers, strategists, thought leaders and business people discussing what’s next in the world of retail and design. The podcast will include members of the SLD team as well as guests from around the globe, and focus on giving listeners advice and insight on how best to future-proof their brands.

Episodes of Think Retail will be released monthly, and can be found in the new podcast section of the SLD website, as well as on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play and Pippa.

In Think Retail’s first episode, “The Impact of Social Media on Foodservice,” Helen Langford looks at how foodservice brands can use social media to promote themselves while ensuring they also stay authentic. In episode two, “Retail: Plugged or Unplugged,” SLD’s own Marcos Terenzio speaks on how to find the right balance between digital and physical experiences within the retail environment. Both episodes are now available for streaming and download.

If you have any topic ideas, or think you know someone who would make a great guest, please reach out to, and be sure to keep checking back for new Think Retail episodes.