Business Leaders Identify Shikatani Lacroix’s Tim Hortons Project as the Top RGD Case Study of 2014

Business leaders have identified the case studies that best articulate the value of the design process and how it is applied to achieve business results for the client. RGD’s case studies highlight the thought, research and insight involved in developing a project, providing insight on the specific challenges, solutions and results associated with the design process.

The judges recognized Shikatani Lacroix’s case study about Tim Hortons urban concept as the top case study in the Environmental category. Shelley Gainer RGD, Director, Creative & Branding at Shoppers Drug Mart, was one of the judges in the category.

“Tim Hortons is a much loved Canadian brand and Shikatani Lacroix successfully enhanced the customer in-store experience by creating a ‘Home Away from Home’ environment. The Tim Hortons case study clearly articulated the project objectives and detailed the design process from concept to execution, including key collaboration points between client and agency. I was particularly interested in the description of how they worked through an intensive audit process and ideation session, which included franchisees for input. In terms of the design, I like how they were able to create a variety of seating and lighting options, allowing guests to choose their seat according to the purpose of their visit. I am looking forward to choosing my seat in one of the new urban locations.” – Shelley Gainer RGD

Selections were made based on the following criteria:

  • the project is well-designed and represents strong execution of fundamental design principles
  • the write-up illustrates the design process in a way that is easy for non-designers to understand
  • the case study clearly articulates how design translates into project deliverables and contributes to the achievement of the client’s goals
  • the project and write-up are interesting and relatable for a diverse audience.


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