Shikatani Lacroix Creates Retail Design for The Source at Pearson International Airport

Shikatani Lacroix, an award-wining design agency based in Toronto, Canada, designed and delivered the latest retail location for The Source.

Located in Terminal 1, the open-concept kiosk opened in December 2014, and it’s based on the new store concept Shikatani Lacroix designed in collaboration with The Source, focusing on creating innovative retail experience.

The Pearson location offers interactive merchandizing technologies that allow the customers in transit shop in new innovative ways, and help them easily sample and test the latest technology from top brands.

“The goal of the Pearson kiosk, and the new concept, is to create an inviting and engaging retail experience that showcases all of the cool tech The Source has to offer. The open design and live product displays drive interaction. Pick it up and try it out,” says Richard Dirstein, Executive VP Design & Innovation.

“The Source is evolving its brand, and our new retail design is a reflection of this effort,” says Ron Craig, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “We want to reinvent how customers shop for technology by creating a supportive, accessible, easy-to-shop experience. Working with Shikatani Lacroix has been an integral part of our reinvention effort on the retail front.”

“We are truly thrilled to partner with the Source team, the team is genuinely committed to growth and to providing customers with a retail experience that goes beyond what consumers expect from a retail location,” said Jean-Pierre Lacroix, President of Shikatani Lacroix.

With over 650 locations across Canada, The Source has the largest number of consumer electronics retail stores in Canada, and Shikatani Lacroix continues to work with this retail giant on the next generation retail design for the whole network of its retail locations.