Ask the Board with Marcos Terenzio

Of the successful projects you’ve worked on, which is your favorite, and what steps led to making it a success?”

One of my favorite projects that I have worked on was designing an immersive retail experience flagship store for Major League Baseball’s Toronto Blue Jays.

My agency, Shikatani Lacroix, has intimate knowledge of the Blue Jays brand. We have worked closely with the MLB and the Toronto Blue Jays over the years on designing the first retail shop located in the Rogers Centre Stadium and a brand refresh across the stadium and corporate spaces. We developed a strategy to create a new retail experience that was not just about the merchandise. The goal was to expand and showcase more fashionable and everyday items while highlighting the exclusive products only available at the Jays Shop. The flagship store needed to feature innovative digital experiences that would immerse customers in all things Blue Jays and baseball and deliver a store that is not just about shopping, but a destination for Jays fans outside of Rogers Centre.

The defined objectives for this new retail experience were to create an emotional and innovative experience unlike any other in team sports retail. We came up with a concept called “Celebrate the Fan.” It is a journey into the past, present and future of the Jays. It is a shop that provides authentic and exclusive merchandise in a retail experience that immerses the consumer in all things baseball and Blue Jays.

Guests are greeted with a dynamic and eye-catching digital entranceway and are then led through the store on an interactive journey including a digital hat wall and expansive digital signage. Digital screens around the store featured live game feeds, video connection between store and stadium, promotional messaging and memorable moments from the team’s history. Touchscreen kiosks allowed customers to customize their jersey. Mobile communications and geo-fencing tying back to the MLB apps allow customers to extend the full fan experience.

Read more about our three-part approach here… 

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