Lessons in How to Modernize Your Legacy Brand

Here is a little trivia for you: what is the oldest and longest-surviving company in North America? Think the fur trade, striped, colourful blankets, and a coat of arms that features one fox, two elk and four beavers. Give up? It’s Hudson’s Bay, of course!

Founded in 1670 with their first department store opening in 1881, The Bay now operates close to 100 locations across Canada along with a huge online store that ships across the country. From fashion apparel to home goods, whatever you want – The Bay probably has. But how can such an iconic brand stay relevant as local shops and direct to consumer brands eat away at market share?

In this episode of Think Retail, we speak with Ryan Booth, Director of Design at Hudson’s Bay about the very exciting (and daunting) challenge he has taken on.

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