Branch Transformation 2017

Avoid Branch Disruption

The death of branches is a topic of many boardroom discussions, but has been greatly misunderstood and even exaggerated. From channel restructuring to branch footprint downsizing, as well as the use of new digital technologies to reduce the cost of transactions, banks have done a great job of reducing the customer experience to little more than a brief chore, both for banks and customers. Yet customers still indicate they want to visit the branch and seek assistance from the people who staff them.

Learn how other retail industries have ensured their store experience remains relevant and helps build brand loyalty. Find out the bigger issue facing banks through insights from a major US Study, and how the maligned branch can actually be their best solution.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why branches are critical to driving growth for financial institutions
  • The industry’s achilles heel is no longer owning financial advice
  • How you can leverage learned behaviour from other retailers to your advantage

Jean-Pierre Lacroix has extensive branch transformation experience across the globe, having helped brands such as TD, RBC, Regions Bank, China Zheshang Bank and SPD Bank better leverage their branch network to drive growth.

What: How to Avoid Branch Disruption

Where: Branch Transformation 2017, London

When: November 29, 2017

Who: Jean-Pierre Lacroix, President of SLD