BAI Beacon 2016

How to Market to Digital Zombies

Join Shikatani Lacroix President Jean-Pierre Lacroix and Stephen Griffin, Senior Vice President, Retail Network Strategy/Sales and Staffing Analytics for Regions Bank, at BAI Beacon on Wednesday October 5, 2016 for their presentation on How to Market to Digital Zombies (click title for full presentation):

The growth of smart phone penetration and usage has both benefited financial services and provided some significant challenges. With most customers spending time looking at their phones versus interacting with the significant physical investments made to deliver a branch experience, bankers are being challenged to find better ways to engage with customers. Join us and learn how to leverage consumers’ learned smartphone behaviors to provide a strong platform for personalized messaging and service and experience.


– What are the key behaviors of consumers and smartphones
– How do these behaviors impact the banking industry across the various channels
– What can financial institutions do to capitalize on the Mobile Zombie Generation


BAI Beacon 2016
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October 5-6, 2016