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Financial Executives Canada


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Financial Executives Canada


FEI Canada

FEI Canada commissioned SLD to design a new brand essence, value proposition, brand identity and corporate collateral.


Financial Executives Canada:





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Financial Executives International Canada (FEI Canada) is a network of high-level financial leaders in diverse industries. The organization provides knowledge-sharing services for 1,800 members from 11 chapters across Canada, and is a partner of Financial Executives International.

FEI Canada required a new branding strategy in order to gain greater recognition and membership from senior financial executives in corporate Canada.

To accomplish these goals, Shikatani Lacroix was brought on board to provide a complete branding refresh that consisted of association naming, identity, and mission development, as well as graphic design for all brand touchpoints.


Shikatani Lacroix initiated an extensive brand review that included an internal analysis of FEI Canada, its competitors, and potential benchmarks. Significant opportunities that would allow FEI Canada to improve its visibility and attract and retain members were identified:

Develop a brand essence that resonates on both emotive and cognitive dimensions for all key stakeholders, in particular FEI Canada Gen X members.

Clearly define a value proposition, which meets all the current and future needs of the association while laying the foundation for key strategic imperatives.

Communicate a brand identity and language that effectively support the brand essence.

Designed a brand essence that resonates with all key stakeholders

The new branding program better positions the association to accomplish its future goals of increased recognition and membership



In addition to designing a new brand essence, value proposition and brand identity for FEI Canada, Shikatani Lacroix was tasked with designing a profusion of conference materials for its annual conference that hosts more than 400 attendees each year. These materials had to excite and engage this audience while effectively communicating important event information – all while conveying a clear and consistent brand message across each content piece.


Through the Shikatani Lacroix process, we developed a new name “Financial Executives Canada” and an updated logo. The new graphic and branding are applied to all brand touchpoints such as the website, stationery, and lapel pins to ensure consistency and recognition. The brand positioning and tagline “Leadership Beyond Finance” will also be used to direct and differentiate the organization.

In addition, Shikatani Lacroix designed new graphics, branding and copy for all conference touchpoints including brochures, conference booth and signage. The conference collateral was designed to successfully convey coherent branding while uniquely highlighting each content piece.


The new strategy and graphics provide both current and prospective members a clearer and deeper understanding of the association, its capabilities and key values, and leverage clear points of difference to better position Financial Executives Canada.

The new branding initiative has been well received internally with positive feedback from both the membership and leadership of Financial Executives Canada, and it will better position the association to accomplish its future goals of increased recognition and membership.

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