SLD Wins PepsiCo Marketing Award for Best Innovation

In the presence of the most prestigious awards in hockey, Shikatani Lacroix was honoured to attend PepsiCo’s annual Marketing Awards on Thursday, March 29 at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The event was an opportunity to celebrate the best PepsiCo marketing work from 2017, and we are proud to have been recognized with the Best Innovation Award for the Veggie Crispy Minis packaging design.

With an already established line of Core Crispy Minis Rice Chips and Tortilla Style Rice Chips, PepsiCo was looking to introduce a new product that focuses on health and wellness. The Veggie Crispy Minis, which come in two unique flavours and are made with real vegetables, needed packaging that communicated the nutritional benefits of the product in a premium manner.

The end result is an elegant package that differentiates Veggie Crispy Minis from the other Crispy Minis products and stands out from competitors. With an all green bag that highlights the flavour, ingredients and key selling features, Veggie Crispy Minis are now positioned as a fun, everyday snack that are also light and healthy.

Shikatani Lacroix and PepsiCo have had a strong partnership for over ten years, and this latest award is a testament to the collaborative nature of the work that we do together. At SLD, we look forward to more challenges and exciting projects.