SLD Wins Big at PepsiCo Marketing Awards

Shikatani Lacroix Design (SLD) was honored to attend the 2019 PepsiCo Marketing Awards, which is an annual celebration of the best PepsiCo marketing projects from the previous year. At this year’s ceremony, SLD took home awards for Best Innovation and Best Brand Building.

The Best Innovation award was in recognition of the recent Quaker Dipps Unicorn packaging, which launched in late 2018. The packaging was developed to create disruption on store shelves and attract customers with a fun and playful design. While the project had to be consistent with other Dipps packaging, there was also a need to differentiate the Unicorn product. By introducing new, exciting colors, typography and graphics to the packaging, Dipps Unicorn clearly stands out from the competition and communicates the delicious and nutritional benefits of the granola bars.

SLD was also awarded Best Brand Building for work done with Montellier. Over the past few years, SLD has guided Montellier through a complete brand overhaul, which has included a new logo, visual identity, brand book and packaging. Through this process, Montellier has seen an increase in sales and market share, and they are now competing with other premium sparkling water companies from around the globe.

“We’ve had a strong, collaborative relationship with PepsiCo for many years,” says Lori Smale, Account Director at SLD. “It is a great honor to be recognized for the work that we have done. These awards really are a reflection of the talent we have at SLD.”