CZ Bank Snags Distinction Award from REBRAND 100

CZ Bank has won a Distinction Award from 2018 REBRAND 100® for its comprehensive rebranding. The reimagined brand, brought to life in partnership between SLD and our Shanghai-based partner MetaThink, touched every part of the bank ecosystem.

“We’re thrilled about all of the positive attention this project has garnered,” said Jean-Pierre Lacroix, president of SLD. “Being recognized by REBRAND is great encouragement, and speaks highly of the innovative work delivered by both our team and our partners in China.

“We’d like to thank CZ Bank for giving us the opportunity to work on this unprecedented project and congratulate MetaThink for their excellence in design and brand strategy.”

848 x 477 CZ Bank

MetaThink is a Chinese branding and innovation consultancy that developed the communication strategy behind the redesigned CZ Bank. SLD worked with MetaThink to bring the new brand strategy to life through the design of new flagship and community branches. The branches include unique digital displays and interactive digital learning spaces to help customers engage with the bank. These innovative features contribute to a unique and unforgettable branch experience for all CZ customers.

About the Award

REBRAND™ is the leading global resource for case studies on effective brand transformation. The 2018 REBRAND 100® Global Awards showcase brand transformation case studies from around the world to reveal the power of brands as key assets for organizations around the world.