Shikatani Lacroix Wins 2016 GDUSA American Package Design Award

Branding and design agency Shikatani Lacroix Design wins 2016 GDUSA American Package Design Award for its work with Alex Coulombe Ltée/PepsiCo Beverages’ Montellier. The American Package Design Award honors outstanding new work of all kinds: print, packaging, POP, internet, interactive and motion graphics.

“Thank you to the GDUSA for this recognition. We’d like to thank and congratulate Montellier for the opportunity and great success of the new package design,” said Jean-Pierre Lacroix, President of Shikatani Lacroix.

To revitalize the brand and elevate its imagery with a new design and wordmark, Shikatani Lacroix Design was brought on to create a packaging design framework. Montellier wanted to elevate the design of its bottle to a premium quality design that would appeal to younger customers and stand out at shelf level.

In order to provide a range of evolutionary to revolutionary designs, we explored bottle shape, color, wordmarks, and imagery. The location of the water source was an inspirational direction, which lead to images that captured the effervescence of the water.

We explored of a wide range of colors, from pale blue to teal to black, before deciding on a bright, deep blue, which was felt to encapsulate the refreshing, sparkling energy of the product in a color that was less prevalent amongst the competitive sparkling waters in the market. The blue is clean and energetic, which speaks to the social aspect Montellier wanted to reinforce – that this water is one to be consumed in engaging, fun, social environments.

“It’s an honor to have received such recognition for this project. Collaborating closely with Alex Coulombe Ltee and PepsiCo Beverages, the contemporized packaging logo and enhanced bottle color maintains the bottle shape and brand essence Montellier prides itself on,” said Kim Yokota, VP Creative Director.

The final design has been a huge success for our client. Sales of Montellier have increased significantly since the redesigned package launched last spring. Year-to-date sales of the 500ml bottle have almost doubled.