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Ian Magrisso


Ian Magrisso1

Ian Magrisso

Director of Strategy

Ian is a brand strategist, storyteller, and evangelist.

He has helped P&G sell dog food and named companies and brands such as the Parking Spot. He started his career in brand management for Sara Lee and then worked at leading branding agencies and with clients such as P&G, Kimberly Clark, Motorola and Papa John’s Pizza.

Ian is passionate about the intersection of branding and storytelling.  As a brand strategist and naming expert, he digs deep to discover how to best position his client’s brands. As a brand storyteller, he seeks to tell stories that humanize brands and inspire people to take action.

Ian will be bringing SLD’s unique process to clients in the United States of America. SLD delivers for clients an integrated skill set with capabilities in brand, environmental, and digital design to create highly immersive brand experiences that connect with consumers on an emotional level.