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Design Innovation


Design Innovation

Uncovering customers’ hidden needs and desires lies at the heart of brand innovation. Today’s consumers continue to hunger for innovation in every conceivable product category, yet, on average, American families repeatedly buy the same 150 items. That constitutes as much as 85 percent of their household needs, which is why only 10 percent of new product succeed. This forces marketers to constantly reevaluate innovation processes and design ideas, while working to minimize the inherent risk in any new product launch.

Over the years we have developed design processes that maximize the potential for success, from mapping the white space for new market opportunities, new processes, new product ideation, assessment of potential for new flavours and formats, all the way to structural package design. We ask the questions that address the challenges, and we create thorough innovation development programs that can drive sustainable growth in mature, even commoditized categories.


To successfully execute design innovation for your enterprise, Shikatani Lacroix first defines your organization’s ownable brand card and market position. These insights leverage the organization’s inherent equities and strengths, and uncover the opportunities for differentiation of the brand in the marketplace, hence creating relevance and meaning that aims at the particular target group.


In order to deliver the highest level of innovation we: map potential white space; conduct customer research and analysis, and facilitate ideation sessions with the client. Indeed, we strive to investigate everything that a project may require in order for us to define the underserved needs of the customers or the marketplace. Once we identify the solution, we explore all ideas, and move to the focused market research, prototyping and market testing.


We convert our ideas to commercially viable solutions that meet the required business performance metrics, and we build internal process and messaging structures as well as launch strategies in order to protect the idea and cultivate the new relationship with the customer. During the implementation stage, we also mind the level of challenge that the implementation may pose for the client.

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