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Brand Engagement


Brand Engagement

Our brand engagement programs gain stronger employee alignment and provide organizations with platforms that build competitive talent acquisition environments.

Shikatani Lacroix ensures that rebranding programs leverage the power of a fully engaged workforce, because organizations that have engaged their internal resources around a clearly defined value proposition generate greater industry returns and higher brand loyalty.

We deliver the whole spectrum of engagement strategies and tactics, from engagement audits, employee value proposition development, on-boarding and re-boarding programs, to office branding and recruitment strategies that align with the brand’s unique market proposition. We are driven to create complete engagement solutions for complex environments, making sure that the employee performance deliver on the brand promise.


Most design projects start with the definitions of the organization’s ownable brand card and market position. When it comes to brand engagement, it’s no different. This step allows us to create a clear differentiation; unearth the core relevance and meaning to the target group; and leverage the inherent equities and strengths of the organization.


Following this step, we link the corporate brand position to the employee value proposition. We craft this through a collaborative set of workshops that identify the key needs of the employees and company (empower, retain, recognize, etc.). We then confirm the key points-of-difference while identifying main strategic imperatives that the employee and the organization will need to live by in order to deliver the brand promise.

To establish an overall direction that would include a final EVP (Employee Value Proposition) communication strategy, the process explores a range of big brand ideas and taglines, through:

• overall EVP campaign theme and tagline options
• demonstrating the application
• describing how the theme applies to on-boarding and staff training materials
• development of an overall look and feel for the communication elements, and
• copy and visual recommendations


The process adapts the final direction to a narrow range of EVP communication master templates and training formats that build on the work completed as part of the EVP strategy.

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