SLD Welcomes Thomas Dimoff as Director, Digital Experiences

Shikatani Lacroix Design (SLD) is pleased to announce the hiring of industry veteran Thomas Dimoff, who has taken on the role of Director, Digital Experiences, for the strategic design agency. With over 20 years of experience and a passion for business development, digital signage, and client solutions, Tom brings a combination of technical knowledge and business acumen to the SLD team.

“The new position of Director of Digital Experiences is a further affirmation of SLD’s commitment to our clients and the future of digital services,” stated Jean-Pierre Lacroix, President and Founder of SLD. “We are very excited to be bringing in Tom, whose ability to help clients identify and capitalize upon hidden opportunities will be invaluable.”

Prior to joining SLD, Tom has served in roles such as Business Development Consultant, Director Client Solutions, and Sales and Marketing Director. He has previously worked alongside SLD on digital transformation projects for COX, OfficeMax and Petro-Canada.

“I look forward to joining the industry-leading team at SLD,” says Tom. “For our clients, we will develop the appropriate strategy, design and fulfilment plans for successful digital deployments.”

To get in touch with Tom and learn more about SLD’s digital capabilities, please click here.

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