ICX Symposium 2015

What’s guiding your digital media value?

Richard Dirstein, Principal and EVP of Design & Innovation at Shikatani Lacroix, and Shikatani Lacroix Digital Media Advisor Lyle Bunn want to know what’s guiding your digital media value? Hear them present at ICX Symposium, October 27-28, 2015, in Atlanta, GA.

About the presentation:

Digital is no longer just about technology and content – it is about the experience. To be effective, an experience should immerse the consumer to create a meaningful moment. Guiding principles, context, emerging trends and important technology advances along with some application examples will allow delegates to advance their digital integration and customer engagement programs.

Getting the maximum value from digital place-based media requires that it be planned at the strategic, tactical and operational levels. And rather than being standalone or situational in use, the greater benefit is when it supports an overall brand experience toward ever-increasing loyalty and the business value this offers.

This information rich session by two digital media veterans will highlight how elements of planning govern investment choices and provide a foundation to exploit the enabling value of technologies through insights.

The opportunity cost of not using digital signage now exceeds the cost of using it. As this path continues, digital signage project leaders are continuously seeking improvement to the elements that can deliver better results. This session will describe how these results are being achieved.

Attendees will learn:

  • What is governing the investment in digital signage?
  • Approaches to network optimization being used.
  • Areas of greatest end user investment
  • Trends in integration with other media platforms
  • Approaches to defining project viability and sustainable success
  • Structure for digital signage opportunity and project assessment
  • How the use of digital signage is changing
  • How “content” is changing
  • Why analytics are a critical success factor
  • Key technology trends that are shaping the ROI proposition