Vancouver Startup Week

Know When to Pivot

CVCA, together with Vancouver Startup Week, hosts Know When to Pivot: Evolutions in a Shifting Market, featuring insights from Canadian venture capitalists and retailer executives.

Gain insight on how retailers like Frank & Oak — a portfolio company of Canadian venture capital firm Campfire Capital — and The Source have undergone major pivots and the challenges and opportunities they were faced with in the process.

This panel session will delve deeper into how early-stage companies have pivoted and evolved in their adoption of new business models, particularly in the case of Frank & Oak as it expands, in real-time into new markets.

Additionally, these panelists will explore how more mature companies in the retail market, such as The Source, have innovated through major retail transformation and evolved their brand to attract new consumers. Learn how these companies have shifted their customer experiences to drive more sales and increase their bottom dollar.

Know When to Pivot will explore business challenges, transformations and innovations involved in the pivot process for both early-stage brands and mature, established corporations.

Panel Speakers:

  • Manica Gautam, Partner, Campfire Capital
  • Ron Craig, VP of Marketing and Business Development, The Source
  • Richard Dirstein, EVP Design and Innovation, Shikatani Lacroix


Date: September 27th, 2016
Time: 8:30am – 10:00am
Location: CodeCore Offices (142 W Hastings St, Vancouver)
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