(Video) The Packaging Conference 2015

How to Make the Right Connection with the Consumer Through Packaging

Jean-Pierre Lacroix and Ray Gracewood, Senior Director of Marketing and Sales for Moosehead Breweries Ltd., will present at The Packaging Conference in Atlanta, discussing Moosehead’s latest successful packaging design – Moose Light Radler – and how brands make the right connection with the consumer through packaging (see this successful packaging design here).

Two main things influence the ultimate successful packaging design or a failure of a packaging initiative: how consumers respond to the brand, and how the client and design firm align to a given opportunity. This presentation took the participants through the behind-the-scenes process which drove one of the most successful packaging design and brand launches for Moosehead.

The presentation covers:

• Defining the opportunity
• The right collaborative structure
• Choosing the right option
• Ensuring a coherent execution

Since the product launch, Moose Light Radler has proven to be a huge market success in Eastern Canada, both in merchandising and in product quality, and has become popular with non-beer drinkers, beer drinkers and health conscious/caloric drinkers alike.