(Video) International Retail Design Conference (IRDC)

Retain, Attract, Transact: How to Create Branded Customer Experiences

Bill Tishler, Vice President, Design and Construction, Cineplex Entertainment, and Jean-Pierre Lacroix, President, Shikatani Lacroix will present at the annual International Retail Design Conference, on Wednesday, September 9, 2015, at the Hilton in Austin, TX.

Presented annually by VMSD, this one-of-a-kind conference is three days of design dialogue centred on best practices, evolving trends and smart strategies for maximizing resources.

The International Retail Design Conference is the premier educational and networking event for the store design and visual merchandising community, drawing 300+ attendees from the U.S. and abroad. The event provides insights from industry experts (more than 20 sessions to choose from), networking with decision-makers from every facet of retail design, and participation in roundtable discussions on relevant topics.

About our speaking engagement:

Retain, Attract, Transact: How to Create Branded Customer Experiences

Brand experience across all touchpoints should add value to the customers and enhance the perception of the brand.

The process of building the right experience empowers the customer, places the customer in the centre of the experience, and provides what the customer wants, rather than letting the limitations of the environment (physical space, technology, etc.) dictate what the customer is allowed to expect. The presentation will feature Cineplex Entertainment specialty retail project: movie theatre VIP Lounge and experience, and how the customer touch points deliver the right premium branded experiences.

About our Cineplex VIP Cinemas design:

The reimagined design and service include premium finishes and enhanced amenities, including a VIP bar/lounge, pre-selected luxury seating, and an in-seat food offering. To provide a unique and sophisticated movie-going experience, a colour-changing illuminated archway with glass doors invites patrons into the VIP lounge from the main lobby. Other unique features such as the backlit bar and fireplaces in the multi-level lounge create an intimate space that positions VIP as a premium destination. The food offering includes a list of quality appetizers and entrees. Find more info and designs here.

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