IIDEXCanada 2016

How to Capitalize on the Mobile Zombie Generation

Join Marcos Terenzio, Director of Digital Experience at Shikatani Lacroix, on Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016 from 1:30- 2:30pm for How to Capitalize on the Mobile Zombie Generation:


IIDEXCanada 2016
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Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 2016

Growing smartphone penetration and usage has both benefitted and challenged the retail industry. Constantly preoccupied with their smartphone, customers are spending more time looking at their mobile device instead of interacting with the significant physical investments made to deliver a meaningful brand experience. As a result, the Mobile Zombie generation is challenging the value of bricks-and-mortar retail.

However, retailers can leverage consumers’ learned behaviors with smartphones to help drive dialogue and provide a strong platform for personalized messaging and service — which are both highly craved by the Millennial generation. Recent research by our firm studied the effect of this disruptive mobile technology on consumers’ brand engagement. This presentation will outline a range of strategies that leverage these behaviors to improve customer interaction within the brand’s environment.


What are the key behaviors of consumers and smartphones
How do these behaviors impact consumer brand engagement
What can retail stores do to capitalize on the Mobile Zombie Generation