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M&M Food Market Website


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M&M Website


M&M Food Market

Shikatani Lacroix has successfully transformed many major brands in its 25-year history, with many representing a holistic and integrated approach that included digital. Shikatani Lacroix partnered with M&M Meat Shops to completely reimagine the entire consumer experience, transforming everything from the retail environment, to the product packaging, and to help design and develop a new customer-focused, responsive website.


M&M Food Market is the largest specialty frozen food store chain in Canada. To continue to remain relevant in the marketplace and attract a new generation of customers, M&M approached Shikatani Lacroix to develop a modernized retail environment that improves the customer experience.

For the first time in its 35-year history, M&M embarked on a truly transformational change and reimagined its brand from the ground up. To reinvent the brand’s perception as being more than just a meat shop, every consumer touch-point was redesigned. M&M partnered with Shikatani Lacroix to help create a new store concept, develop a new logo, design new uniforms, and redesign the packaging to better assist customers in their purchase decision. M&M also engaged Shikatani Lacroix to help design and develop a new customer-focused, responsive website.

Shikatani Lacroix was tasked with progressing the camo campaign forward with new packaging, posters, billboards, and other POS designs, to continue to build a stronger connection between the brand and its consumers.


The existing website did not reproduce well on larger resolution displays or respond properly to different mobile devices and browsers. The site was very copy-heavy and lacked key focal areas, inspirational imagery and visual communication. The site could not be updated easily, it lacked sufficient SEO, and several legacy IT systems and applications did not communicate properly with the front end site.

On a mobile browser, the design was very basic with mostly navigational and form elements and very little visuals. The site was not responsive and it presented a very different shopping experience.

Overall, Shikatani Lacroix identified an opportunity to create a solid CMS driven responsive website that could provide personalized user based content with a more intuitive interface, improve the website navigation and enhance the overall user experience of the website.

Won Progress Sitefinity’s Website of the Year Award in the E-commerce category

“We wanted the website to be more lifestyle than product driven, to give customers a sense of inspiration that reflected the new store experience" – Richard Dirstein, Executive VP of Design and Innovation at Shikatani Lacroix Design



Shikatani Lacroix identified an opportunity to create an aspirational experience that reflected the new store design. Further we saw the need to create a solid CMS driven responsive website that could provide personalized user based content with a more intuitive interface, improve the website navigation and enhance the overall user experience.


The new website was designed to facilitate a superior consumer experience, in parallel with M&M Food Market’s superb in-store customer service and new brand design.

Features of the new website include:

– Logical information architecture and simple user-friendly navigation that allow users to easily find and shop over 400 products and a growing database of recipes and meal ideas.

– A solid and flexible CMS – Sitefinity – that provides intuitive usability for content changes.

– Robust search functionality for users to quickly discover and filter products, recipes, meal ideas, etc., by keyword, type, serving amount, nutritional information and other data points.

– Responsive design that provides excellent user experience, natural re-flow, and proper display for desktop, tablet, and mobile visitors.

– Integration with product and pricing data feeds. Data selectively served to visitors based on postal code information supplied by users and enhanced user profile capabilities.

– The ability for site visitors to place eOrders for pickup.

– Store locator that allows users to easily find M&M Food Market locations.


The revamped bilingual website is attractive, easy to use, intuitively laid out and responsive. It effectively communicates M&M Food Market’s high-quality reputation and aligns with the new brand positioning, packaging and store design.

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