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Grand & Toy enlisted Shikatani Lacroix to execute a major business transformation by designing a retail store of the future.

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Environmental Design


Grand & Toy, Canada’s leading office solutions provider, was looking to reposition the company and evolve its thinking to better reflect the needs of its small business customers who were looking for more than just conventional supplies. Rather than match the big box stores in terms of volume or variety, G&T chose to focus on developing a broader range of office products and services that catered to the needs of this customer segment.

The Challenge

Shikatani Lacroix was retained to assist in this business transformation by designing a store of the future. However, the new design had to fit within the existing space while maximizing the merchandise mix and assortment.
Designing a store of the future

Our Process


In order to execute on Grand & Toy’s vision of transforming from an office supply store to a small business center servicing the small business market, Shikatani Lacroix had to dramatically revamp its retail concept. This started with a 20 percent reduction in stock, and a stronger focus on services instead of office supplies.


Grand & Toy enlisted Shikatani Lacroix to execute a major business transformation by designing a retail store of the future

The new store environment clearly promotes the added-value knowledge and service areas, from the designer work area and the small business consultation offices to the new technology demonstration areas. All facets were developed to leverage the sharing of knowledge. Shikatani Lacroix designed the space using high-end features that are rooted in functionality. Curved linear design and custom millwork were applied to the key service stations that act as customer interaction zones.


Our intention was to provide key customer touchpoints throughout the store to emphasize the idea of Grand & Toy as a unique retail experience and a partner to small businesses. Both clients and customers have described the overall effect as more intimate and very welcoming. The new store concept was recognized with a 2010 Retail Council of Canada award for retail store design.

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