The Uptown Loop


City of Waterloo
Shikatani Lacroix designed a wayfinding program for a pedestrian path in Downtown Waterloo.

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Place Branding


The City of Waterloo commissioned Shikatani Lacroix to brand and develop a wayfinding program for a three-kilometer trail that links key historical and public landmarks as part of a pedestrian path.

The Challenge

There is a lot of visual noise within the downtown core (e.g., traffic signs, parking signs, retailer signs, event banners on light poles). The new wayfinding system had to cut through this clutter without seeming promotional.
Cut through the clutter

Our Process


With a complicated path design, the three kilometre stretch tends to zigzag through the city. Shikatani Lacroix established that the junction points would be a critical component to ensure visitors were not confused. Shikatani Lacroix established three routes, and created a unified program with strong 3D architectural/signage. With certain  landmarks  not clearly visible from the pathway, Shikatani Lacroix’s wayfinding solution included reminder signs to draw attention to those areas.


A full wayfinding program was designed for a pedestrian path in Downtown Waterloo.

Shikatani Lacroix divided the path into three routes and provided colour coding for each one to simplify navigation. As part of the program, Shikatani Lacroix developed a banner-style signage system using aluminum-painted panels to clearly define the paths.


Shikatani Lacroix successfully divided the path, known as The Uptown Loop, and it has become a beautiful visual in the City of Waterloo.