(Video) When You Should Rebrand Your Restaurant

Richard Dirstein, EVP Creative & Innovation, discusses when you should consider branding your restaurant.


Hi, I’m Richard Dirstein and I’d like to take a few minutes and talk to you about when you should look at branding your facility, your restaurant. First of all, we like to start with the value proposition. Do you have one and if so, is it clear? How well is it articulated? The value proposition or that key point of difference of how you operate, what you provide that makes you really unique in the marketplace is key to starting your customer journey. It stands for who you are, what you stand for, and how you deliver that experience across all of your customer touch points.

When you look at that message you should also look internally. Is your staff, both junior and senior, all saying it in the same way? Is it clearly articulated across all of your staff interactions, not only internally but externally to your customers? You also have to look at the physical space. We like to look at the space in three respects. The process, the message, and the structure. Process, how do I order? How do I come in? How am I greeted by staff? What does that journey look like and how does that deliver on your point of difference?

Again, if it’s a purity of ingredients story that should be reflected somehow in that choreography of dealing with the staff and ordering your food. The message, again, if it’s quality of ingredients it should be within the menu boards. It should be a message that you stand for. What is behind your offering that again what makes you unique and different?

And finally the structure. The layout of your space. Do you order first and then watch your food be prepared? How does theater play into this experience and back up your value proposition? All of these elements together make a great restaurant experience that is truly immersive and unique. Any one of them not being aligned properly can mean that you need to have a branding exercise around your offering.

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