(Video) Mobile Strategies for Better Customer Experiences in your Restaurant

Richard Dirstein and Marcos Terenzio discuss how to leverage your consumers’ mobile devices within your restaurant.


Richard: I’m Richard Dirstein.

Marcos: I’m Marcos Terenzio.

Richard: Marcos, looking at the mobile experience, what are some things that restaurant owners can do to provide a better digital experience and to better engage customers?

Marcos: From a mobile perspective, I think there’s two ways that they can reach their customer. Definitely, one of them is going to be through a website online, and obviously making sure that from a web perspective it’s well-built and responsive in nature so that it displays properly on mobile. But the bigger play, I think, to reach customers on mobile is through mobile apps, which can definitely be a lot more specific and targeted, and provide a lot better hooks into the mobile device and the customer’s experience as they travel than their website might be able to.

So in the context of a restaurant and casual dining, having an app that obviously provides the full breadth of menu items is key. But what are the opportunities to provide more detailed information? What are the ways to complement the menu in the restaurant? We’ve got an opportunity in the past, where we’ve worked with the use of things like augmented reality and QR codes, and different mechanisms that can allow a physical menu to then work in collaboration with the customer’s mobile device to add enhanced capabilities and functionality.

So I think any restaurant owner that can embrace that mobile device and find ways to keep the content that a customer looks at while they’re at their establishment focused around their own brand is a sheer win. Right? Because instead of them being diverted to somebody else’s brand, they’re being reinforced to look at that brand that they’re spending time in.

Richard: That’s great. There’s a lot of trust around one’s own mobile device. It’s this great lens that so many consumers are using to qualify their purchases. In that restaurant environment, how is it being used for payment? How is it being used for social sharing of a great experience? These are all things to consider. Does your app allow you to do that? If it doesn’t, we think it should.

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