(Video) How to ensure a second date with your customers

Richard Dirstein helps you get a second date with your customers.


So, how do you get to a second date with your customers? Well, hopefully you’re providing a really great, meaningful experience. When customers are engaged in a restaurant experience, they lose themselves, they’re cut off from the outside world. They’re so entrenched and engrossed in what’s happening within the restaurant space that they lose track of time, that they truly lose themselves in the moment, and they have a better eating experience.

So how are you leveraging disruption? Customers are passing by the outside of your facility, whether it’s in-line, or in a standalone, and how are you getting them to look up from their phone, disrupting these mobile zombies to see your establishment? Signage, digital messaging, smells, sound, can all be leveraged to create that initial engagement, but once they’re in, how are those interior touch points, layout, process, message and structure, how are they all being leveraged to give that customer a deeper engagement?

A sense of discovery to see something new and different every time they visit you. A sense of education, so again, leveraging internal digital to help educate them on your value proposition, which is your point of difference. What do you stand for? How is that being affected or delivered through food prep, through the structure of your seating, through the messaging within the space? Again, when customers are engrossed, when they’ve had that emotionally rich experience connected to your food product, they’ll be back, and they’ll wanna recreate that experience over and over again.

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