(Video) Improving the digital experience in restaurants

Richard Dirstein and Marcos Terenzio discuss the value of having a digital experience in your restaurant.


Richard: I’m Richard Dirstein.

Marcos: I’m Marcos Terenzio.

Richard: Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about the digital experience. That’s a term that’s used so much in restaurants nowadays. But Marcos, when you look at how digital is being used, is there a way that we can break it down to help restauranteurs understand the value of a digital experience?

Marcos: Yeah. Sure. I mean, there’s a lot there to analyze. The most important thing is, I think what restaurant owners need to do is maybe separate their business objectives and needs from maybe what some of their customers’ could be. Because what customers are expecting to witness from a digital perspective in a restaurant might not always line up with those business objectives. Right? So for example, if we think about the context of a sports bar/restaurant, recently we had [an opportunity] to work with a chain like that. Really, it’s all about the sports and viewing games, and going in and having a good time. The last thing that those patrons want to do is really be exposed to advertising and promotions, and sales, and offerings.

So in that context, we took a look at, “How can we enhance the sports viewing experience by providing additional sports information?” We called it kind of “infotainment,” which provided live stats and information on player stats, league stats for all the different sporting events that are prominent in that space. That proved really useful, because now we’re adding value to the customer’s experience. In doing that, you’re going to have a happier patron. They’re going to be more likely to return, to visit the restaurant more often, and really go there to enjoy the experience. In doing that, I think the brand really becomes the hero and their promotions, their specials are going to find a place to also reach them as well.

Richard: Right. Thanks for joining us today. We hope you enjoyed the video.

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